Thursday, May 6, 2010

D&G's Top 5

Not really our top 5 songs of all time, but 5 songs that always seem to be played.. especially of late. So enjoy... and I even put a media bar after each song so listen up... and comment fools!! After the jump.....

Friendly - Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y
Off Wiz and Curren$y's 2009 joint mixtape How Fly, and later Wiz's Studio Album "Deal Or No Deal" is Friendly. Just a fav cause they speak about what we know... women and sneakers!! hahaa

"Not a secret, I prefer my girl in sneakers stead' of sandals. Posin' naked in only a pair of Nike Vandals." hahaa thats a line!!

Rather be With You (Vagina is for Lovers) Feat. Curren$y and J. Cole - Wale
This song is what we would call a gem, which is basically a song on an album that you gotta listen to a few times before you can truly appreciate it. Off Wale's mixtape, "Back to the Feature", where he did something unheard of; he featured someone in every single song on the tape. And when Wale puts out a tape, its complete, not just 10 songs that you've heard before. You think a girl is a possibility, but you have to cut her off because her friends are winches!! Thats real life.. hahaa If you're a fan of real music, you know exactly what they are really talking about!

" When we first met/ you were to tense for me to get through
Then I got you loose/ its like a glove how I fit you
Your two lips/ they smell like tulips/ so official
My N__gas probably clown me if I told them that I kissed you"


Give Ya - Drake
This is good Drake. I was kind of dissapointed in the drake concert that I went to in Lexington. Not because he gave a bad concert but all his stuff radio that anyone would know, but this is what Drake fans want!!

"Sweetie I am a track's demise, I will kill this song til it actually dies
with a military jacket and some pack supplies
I won't say I'm the best til the stats arrive
At all these a-list parties you fraternize
Where you can't wear hats inside only slacks and ties
But you don't act surprised
You just hold it down for your boy til the plaques arrive"

Mazaltov (Molotav) Feat. Nesby Phips and Wiz Khalifa - Curren$y
"Sometimes you wanna go where everyone knows your name!" Another Gem!! Just put this bad boy on repeat and kick your feet up. "Bartender, bartender, bartender... make me a drink. uhh, What you havin? What you think?!!" Shout outs to my bro P for this one.

"My Vernacular, more spectacular than ya dudes is..."


[ver-nak-yuh-ler, vuh-nak-]
- using plain, everyday, ordinary language.

My Potna Dem - Rich Kidz
Bre, Wayne, Barnes, J.Nix ... My potna dem! Sam and UT, my potna dem. Tim, Frank, Mo, Nisha, R. Web, my potna dem !! hahaa (as I paper chase)

"Everyday we eat steak and shrimp, cause Benihana my potna dem"

signing off... David


  1. I enjoyed the Drake concert...I thought he played a wide variety of his music, and he stayed on the stage for over an hour. For $30 thats a pretty good deal. In addition to that he featured special guests, such as the "suck ass" wildcat Basketball team, and Trigga Trey!!!... Yousa hater but i still effs with you David!

  2. Bre Bre, we value you're opinion!! We effs with you also...

  3. Well let me better explain myself, and I'm speaking on behalf of David only; dissapointed wasn't a good word, me and you just went into it w/ different expectations! I wanted wheel chair Jimmy, not the Young Money Prince!!

  4. OK...I effs with ya'll...I have never heard Rather Be With You until I seen it on you alls BLOG's Definitely Bumpin...FASHO!!!