Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WSWL: Websites We Like

Here are a few websites that we frequent and if you like to stay fresh then you probably should too. More after the jump....

Number 1: http://www.karmaloop.com/

Karmaloop.com offers what is probably the largest selection of underground streetwear/urban attire on the internet. A bonus to the site is their constant promotions, discounts, or sales, so you can stay fresh for the low.

Number 2: http://www.80spurple.com/

80spurple.com is a progressive fashion website that caters to many different customers. From sunglasses to shoes, we guarantee 80s Purple will show you something new.

Number 3: http://www.superkix.com/

Superkix.com searches over 40 websites to find the best deal on any shoe that you are searching for. Spare us and dont go out in some bootleg J's......
Signing off.......Goliath

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